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Enlighten Project raises awareness of exploitation to children, young people and adults through:

  • Delivery of educational sessions and workshops for children and young people in education and non-education settings.
  • Delivery of awareness sessions for parents/carers and community members.

Enlighten Project also aims improve recognition of exploitation by raising awareness amongst professionals and frontline workers, to increase early intervention through:

  • Delivery of exploitation training.
  • Guest speaker at meetings or events.

Our School Sessions…

  • Bertie & Blossom – A story with our puppets looking at how children can keep safe online.
    Reception, Year 1 & 2.
  • Online World – Interactive discussions about how children can keep safe online, with a focus on social media and gaming, and discussing what we mean by personal information. Year 3 & 4.
  • Online/Offline – Discussing the dangers of social media apps and gaming. Interactive discussions where we focus on scenarios around keeping safe online and in the community. Year 5 & 6.
  • Uncover – An hour session focusing on what Child Sexual Exploitation and grooming is and the signs of CSE. Interactive discussions on what does a victim and perpetrator look like for young people. Year 7+.
  • The Lines – An hour session focusing on what Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines and grooming is and the signs of CCE. Interactive discussions around real issues young people are facing in terms of Exploitation and the influences/pressures young people feel. Year 7+.
  • Consent – An hour session discussing what is consent, the laws around explicit images/videos, what is victim blaming and what are healthy/unhealthy relationships. Year 7+.
  • Exposure – An hour session focusing on the dangers of pornography, what it is and how it affects young people, their relationships, how it impacts views around sex and how it can rewire your brain. Year 10+.
  • Street Violence First Aid/CCE – Delivered in partnership with St Johns Ambulance – Year 7+.


  • Don’t Blame Me – In depth discussions around what is victim blaming, societal norms, self-protection and peer pressure, discussions around victim blaming scenarios and high profile cases in the media/news, looking at victim blaming within Child Exploitation, how we can challenge victim blaming and stand up against it. Year 7+.
  • VR – Round Midnight ‘Virtual Decisions Knives’ workshops focusing on knife crime, loyalty, empathy, consequences, fact v fiction and conflict resolution. Year 6-7.
  • No Blurred Lines – In depth discussions looking at consent, healthy/unhealthy relationships and the exposure of pornography for young people. Year 7+
  • Girl Power & Break The Silence – In depth discussions around VAWG (Violence against women and girls), delivered to separate cohorts depending on gender and/or identity.
  • # – Focus groups on voice of young people to create something (art, poetry, drama/dance, music, photography etc). Year 7+.
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