The Process

deliver – build – change

At Street Teams we aim:

  • To raise awareness of exploitation to children, young people and adults.
  • To support children, young people and adults who are victims of exploitation to enable them to rebuild their lives.
  • To support families whose children are vulnerable or being exploited to cope and recover.
  • To improve recognition of exploitation by raising awareness amongst professionals and frontline workers, to increase early intervention.
  • To enable communities to build local prevention strategies to reduce the risks of exploitation of children, young people and adults living with them.
  • To champion the response for exploited young people in transition to adulthood to receive the appropriate response.

We achieve this thorugh a three step process:


We deliver client led quality services for young people, families and adults across the communities we serve. Our strong frontline delivery expertise changes lives, by utilising new and creative ideas to improve outcomes for our service users.


We build solid partnerships that can be catalyst for better outcomes for victims of exploitation.


  • Street Teams “always go the extra mile” and by doing so, we bring about change: Changes to lives, changes to strategies, changes to communities and changes to victims.
  • We support survivor’s pre NRM (National Referral Mechanism), those that are in the NRM process or exiting and those that have been referred as a duty notify (MS1).
  • We also support survivors who do not wish to be in the NRM process.
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