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working together

Our specialist team of family workers come alongside families to help support.

We understand that no two families are the same and that’s why each package of support looks different to another.

Not only do we offer support around exploitation but we help with the wider issues such  as housing, benefits, employment , education and advocacy.

Through our holistic approach we recognise that we need to work alongside the family in order to safeguard the child.  This can take many forms, such as one to one sessions, group sessions, family activities and days out.

Family activity days and days out are a great opportunity to help the whole family to reconnect, bond and share their feelings in a neutral setting whilst having fun and trying new things together as a family.

Another way we support is through peer mentors.  Peer Mentors are parents who have received support from Street Teams, been given training and are now in a place where they are able to offer support to other parents going through the same things they have experienced.

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