About Street Teams

working from the heart

Since 1999, we have been working hard to tackle child exploitation and trafficking within Walsall. Street Teams are a passionate team work tirelessly to support victims, their families and our surrounding communities.

Due to our local knowledge and our long standing position within our communities we are trusted and respected by colleagues and communities alike.

Our reputation for supporting victims is unrivalled and we make sure that we are continually developing and growing to suit the ever changing needs of our service users.

We are approachable, inclusive and work from the heart, to make sure that exploitation is tackled and victims are supported for as long as it takes.

Our vital work has seen 1000s of young people supported who have been groomed and abused for exploitation and we will continue to do so.

Street Teams
1 Butts Street
West Midlands WS4 2BJ
Tel: 01922 621 208

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