“Street teams has always stuck by me”

When asked what she thinks of her support worker at Street Teams, Abbie said:

‘ I know I can talk to her. She’s stuck around and she buys me food. She been with me since the start of the year and she’s always around’.

‘She told me what she would be doing. She’s from Street Teams and working with kids who have been abused. She’s never let me down, and always does what she says she going to do’.

‘I’ve been chatting to her and she has been taking me to appointments. She took me to my health appointments ’.


“Street teams understands me”

You don’t judge me. You have always stuck around and helped me. You understand me and helped me see I can break free and be me’


“Thank you”

‘I don’t know where id be without you, thank you’

Street Teams
1 Butts Street
West Midlands WS4 2BJ
Tel: 01922 621 208

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